This is a knife with a micro-serrated edge.

The shape of the edge

Technically, anytime you change the angle at which the edge of a blade is ground, you are re-profiling it.  However, for normal sharpening, that is just part of the process sometimes, and I don't charge any extra for it.

Note the little "teeth" along the edge. These must be ground off in order to re-sharpen the blade.

Micro-serrated Blades

My Re-profiling service is essentially a repair.  If you have a micro-serrated blade, it will stay "sharp" for a long time, but once it is dull it can't be resharpened unless those tiny "teeth" are ground smooth and the edge is re-profiled. If you have a knife like this, click here to schedule re-profiling service.  Many other types of serrated edge knives (bread knives, Cutco knives, etc., can be resharpened without grinding the serrations off.

I use a paper grinding wheel to re-profile the edge of a micro-serrated knife.

I use a paper grinding wheel to re-profile the edge of a micro-serrated knife.

Dan Branan

Paper Wheels

For any service requiring the use of a grinding wheel, I always use a paper wheel with grinding compound (either silicon dioxide or diamond) on the surface.  This provides a gentle, cool grinding process that removes the necessary steel without overheating the blade.  Using a stone grinding wheel can easily ruin a blade in just a second. Don't let anyone use a stone grinding wheel on your knives!

Sharpening is part of the service

After re-profiling your blades, I will use my gentle sharpening process (ceramic and/or diamond) to put a smooth, sturdy, sharp edge on them.  See the Standard Service and Premium Service pages for more details.