You Deserve Sharp Knives and Tools
kitchen knives
pocket knives

You deserve sharp knives and tools!  My name is Dan Branan, and I provide professional, artisanal sharpening and repair services for knives of all types and many other edged tools.   

You can set up an appointment and I will bring my equipment to your location for maximum convenience. (I serve Evergreen, Colorado, and surrounding area - from Idaho Springs to Conifer).  

Or, take 20% off of your total service if you arrange to drop off and pick up from my Evergreen location 

All Services by Appointment Only

Items I sharpen (includes repair of minor nicks)

NEW:  Traditional Japanese Waterstone service - up through 15000 grit stones ($10 per blade)

$5 per item at your location OR $4 per item if you drop them off

  • ice auger blade ($5 per blade)
  • knife (any size, any type)
  • pair of scissors
  • food processor/blender blade
  • chisels (2 for $5)
  • cartridge razor blades (5 for $5)
  • mower blades (must be off the mower)
  • pruning shears/loppers/hedge shears/grass shears
  • axe/maul/hatchet
  • chainsaw chains (no carbide chains, must be off the saw)

Extra-cost services - email me for a free estimate: