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My name is Dan Branan, and I provide local, artisanal knife and tool sharpening and restoration services in the Evergreen, Conifer and Idaho Springs areas.

Use the menu above to obtain more information about my services, and the links below to set up an appointment to drop off your knives or tools for sharpening or repair services. I look forward to making your knives and tools sharp and useful again!

Click here to Schedule Standard Knife and Scissor Sharpening Service ($5 per item): Knives and scissors are sharpened by hand with diamond surfaces and ceramic rods to a final finish of 1200 grit. Good for most kitchen knives (including serrated blades) and scissors and pocket knives.

Click here to Schedule Premium Knife and Scissor Sharpening Service ($10 per item): Knives are sharpened by hand on diamond and ceramic water-stone surfaces to a final finish of 15,000 grit and a leather strop. Better for higher quality knives, German or American style hair scissors, pinking shears and sewing scissors.

Click here to Schedule Super-Premium Knife Sharpening Service ($15 per item): Knives are hand-sharpened on KME high-precision diamond system and finished ceramic water-stone surfaces to 15,000 grit and a 2-stage leather strop. Best for custom knives and collectible pieces.

Click here to Schedule Tool Sharpening Service ($5 per item): Lawn-mower blades, garden/hand tools, ice-auger blades, axes, chainsaw chains, etc. Please remove chains from chainsaws, or there will be an additional charge for removing/reinstalling.

Click here to Schedule Hair Clipper sharpening, lubrication and alignment (Wahl, Andis, etc.): Must bring the electric clipper with the blades so I can test the blades after I get them sharpened and aligned properly.

Click here to Schedule Straight-Razor Sharpening Service ($25 and up, depending on condition of blade)

Click here to Request Repair or Restoration Quote for Knife or Tool (free emailed quote): If your knife or tool has large nicks (>1/16”), severe rust, or other damage, get a repair quote so you’ll know what to expect. You can also request a quote for restoration services for your old treasures.

Questions? Email me at or call 303-359-7128